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Since 2006, Medical Practice Consulting Group, Inc. has provided high quality end-to-end medical billing services to a variety of providers and specialties.  Founded by David Carter and Daniel Konstantopoulos, MPCG is located just outside Lexington, Kentucky.  MPCG is comprised of medical billing professionals who pride themselves in using their experience and expertise to deliver the highest level of service.  Even the largest medical billing companies in the country are only as good as the billing specialists overseeing and servicing the account.  At MPCG, each medical billing specialist has a minimum of 10 years medical billing experience.  This experience combined with high standards of operation result in strong client satisfaction.  Dedicated account specialists works closely with client’s in-house staff to ensure the revenue cycle is working efficiently.   

Most clients code their own patient encounters; however MPCG has Certified Professional Coders available to assist with coding questions and suggest coding changes.  Being responsive to client needs is vitally important to MPCG owners and staff.  MPCG takes pride in promptly answering questions, providing reports and financial analysis, and meeting with clients to review billing reports.  Clients can always expect to speak to account specialists during business hours and MPCG owners are readily available to clients after hours via cell phone.   

MPCG can provide medical billing services to a variety of providers and specialties including, but not limited to:

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